Personal exhibition of Sergey Falkin in Viktor Bronshtein gallery, Irkutsk, 2018

On September 27, 2018 the Viktor Bronshtein gallery will open a personal exhibition of Sergey Falkin’s art works. This will be the first time the whole month Irkutsk will be hosted such a large exposition of 40 stone-carving works by one author. Moreover, you will see bronze sculptures and graphics.

“Overcoming statics” exhibition, 2017

From May 19 to July 30, 2017 ran an exhibition of sculpture, kinetic objects and graphics “Overcoming statics” in the Small Exhibition Hall of Stable Building in Central Park of Culture and Recreation named after S.M. Kirov. Artists Sergey Falkin, Fedor Krushelnytsky, Igor Andryukhin, Andrey Rychkov, Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov and others presented artworks which outplay the […]

First St. Petersburg jewelry festival “Faberge heritage”, 2017

From 27th January to 5th February, 2017 the First St. Petersburg jewelry festival “Faberge heritage” was held in Jewelry Center “Russian Gemstones”. The oldest St. Petersburg jewelry factory “Russian Gemstones” compiled the artworks of contemporary designers, jewelers and gemstone-carvers on the space of renewed center on Carl Faberge square to make the residents and visitors of the […]

“Report with a stone”/ Russian magazine 2.07.2015

One of the leading masters of stone-cutting art in Russia Sergey Falkin from St.-Petersburg told us about his relationship with the stone, how the ideas are born, and what is “faberzhatinka”. Sergey, you are a journalist by education. How did the stone-cutting art become your profession and the main activity? Sergey Falkin: Since my childhood […]

“My district” / 20th March 2015

Sergey Falkin: “In each person of our generation lays the element of hypocrisy” Sculptor Sergei Falkin is telling us about who is an artist and as restructuring “ate” one-third of a generation of Russians. Stonecutter and sculptor Sergey Falkin, despite the journalistic education, had devoted his professional life to the sculptural plasticity: he worked in […]

The Lord of Stone mount / INFOSCOP, July-August 2014

Let us get acquainted with Sergey Falkin who is an artist, a stonecutter, a poet and a sophist. He creates sculptures from precious stone and stone, amber, bones and bronze. It must be said he is well-known among many Peterburgers. He is a participant and a winner of many Russian and foreign jewelry exhibitions, he […]