“Overcoming statics” exhibition, 2017

From May 19 to July 30, 2017 ran an exhibition of sculpture, kinetic objects and graphics “Overcoming statics” in the Small Exhibition Hall of Stable Building in Central Park of Culture and Recreation named after S.M. Kirov.

Artists Sergey Falkin, Fedor Krushelnytsky, Igor Andryukhin, Andrey Rychkov, Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov and others presented artworks which outplay the effects of real movement. The artists were combined by the theme of movement as a search for balance, as well as a variety of formats and approaches to solving artistic problems.

Among Sergey Falkin’s artworks there are bronze sculptures “Swimmer”, “Ice skater girl”, “Sagittarius”, “Dog” from the series “Oriental calendar”, stone carved sculpture “Abel” from black nephrite and his graphic works.

“Complicated foreshortenings of the floating sculptures and instability of rotating small and monumental forms of Sergey Falkin, balancing on the equilibrium brink of archaic and industrial sculptures of Fedor Krushelnytsky, flowing lines of contours of the zoomorphic sculptural objects of Baisyhalanov Zhigzhit and the severity of mobile zoomorphic natural forms of Igor Andryukhin <…> – all this testifies about the artistic possibilities of overcoming statics of material, sets a special dynamic structure of the exposition. “