“Report with a stone”/ Russian magazine 2.07.2015

One of the leading masters of stone-cutting art in Russia Sergey Falkin from St.-Petersburg told us about his relationship with the stone, how the ideas are born, and what is “faberzhatinka”. Sergey, you are a journalist by education. How did the stone-cutting art become your profession and the main activity? Sergey Falkin: Since my childhood […]

“My district” / 20th March 2015

Sergey Falkin: “In each person of our generation lays the element of hypocrisy” Sculptor Sergei Falkin is telling us about who is an artist and as restructuring “ate” one-third of a generation of Russians. Stonecutter and sculptor Sergey Falkin, despite the journalistic education, had devoted his professional life to the sculptural plasticity: he worked in […]

The Lord of Stone mount / INFOSCOP, July-August 2014

Let us get acquainted with Sergey Falkin who is an artist, a stonecutter, a poet and a sophist. He creates sculptures from precious stone and stone, amber, bones and bronze. It must be said he is well-known among many Peterburgers. He is a participant and a winner of many Russian and foreign jewelry exhibitions, he […]

“I’m attracted to Asian north” / 24 April 2012

Радуга бронза кость мамонта

A sculptor from Saint Petersburg – who has designed the award “The sky line” – visited Hong-Kong and was amazed with the evolution of Asian region. Sergey Falkin often takes part in the competitions in foreign countries. He has already been to the USA, Germany, France (the Louvre). Recently he has returned from Hong-Kong where he […]

“As equal with stone” / 29.09.2008

Каин и Авель

Michail Piotrovsky, the director of State Hermitage, looked carefully at his Baltic star award pin and noticed: “State Hermitage collection has acquired one more showpiece”. This star-shaped sign had been created by Sergey Falkin. Other small masterpieces of this famous Saint Petersburg sculptor are held by Andrzej Wajda, Donatas Banionis, Valentina Matviyenko, Renata Litvinova, for example. Today […]

“An improvisation on a given topic is not a problem”

The first winners of the International “Coin constellation-2007” were awarded the prizes, created by Saint Petersburg sculptor Sergey Falkin. Sergey Alexandrovich turned out to be not only a famous sculptor, but to some extent a numismatist as well. He collects kopecks. However, he does that in his own way, he keeping them in three litre jars.”Zolotoy […]

Bird Catcher lives in Paris

“Bird Catcher” was made for an exhibition “The Saint Petersburg jeweller” at the end of 2000 year. At the same time, Yaroslav Ksenofontov showed his “Violinist”. It was the time when everyone was just learning and feeling happy about any technological luck. Polychrome artworks were appearing, but all of them were reiteration of Faberge works. […]