First St. Petersburg jewelry festival “Faberge heritage”, 2017

From 27th January to 5th February, 2017 the First St. Petersburg jewelry festival “Faberge heritage” was held in Jewelry Center “Russian Gemstones”.

The oldest St. Petersburg jewelry factory “Russian Gemstones” compiled the artworks of contemporary designers, jewelers and gemstone-carvers on the space of renewed center on Carl Faberge square to make the residents and visitors of the city get acquainted with the history and stylistic variety of jewelry art.

At the exposition “Stone-cutting art” there are presented stone-cutting artworks made by Sergey Falkin workshop on different subjects, including replicas of famous polychrome artworks of the Workshop of Carl Faberge (“Policeman”, “Dancing man”, “John Bull”), author’s artworks by Sergey Falkin (“Rupture“, “Snowdrift“, “Spring is here”“Flautist”“Omul Catcher” and “Baltic whale”) and Sergey Shimanskiy (“Scream”, “Ballet”), as well as Alexander Levental and Olga Poptsova.