“Playing with Metaphor. Sculpture and graphics”

The Museum of History of Stone and Jewelry Art in Yekaterinburg will open a personal exhibition of Sergey Falkin “Playing with Metaphor. Sculpture and graphics”, organized within the celebration of the 295th anniversary of stone-cutting art in the Urals. At the exhibition will be presented more than 60 works created by the master for the […]

“Love triangle”

An unusual author’s series “The life of parallelepipeds” is reflections on actual, vital themes through metaphorical images of geometric figures. “Love triangle” is a kind of geometric figure in which two subjects are imposingly fall apart on the third. So, their emotional dependence expressed in the sculpture’s plasticity. The author’s idea is supported by the […]


A new direction in Sergey Falkin’s oeuvre was the creation of sculptures in large solid material. In some images, the master tried to reflect the unique culture of the Trans-Baikal Territory, revealing the essence and meaning of these places. “Burkhan” – like many other works will be presented at the exhibition “The Starting point” for […]

“Bukha Noyon”

The story of the new author’s sculpture “Bukha Noyon” is an ancient Buryat legend about two bulls: Mottled and Gray. When they met out of the flat place, they began to butt heads. Butted for a long time, persistently. Resting with their hind legs, they formed mountains in the steppe, resting with their front legs, […]

“Bergenia (russ. Badan)”

A very unusual inhabitant appeared in the stone -carving garden of the workshop – the interior composition Bergenia (russian Badan). An untidy companion of spring and blooming mood hides on mountain massifs and despite everything breaks through the rock of fluorite with quartz inclusions. A lush cap of flowers rises on a tall, thick stem. […]