Opening of the Modern Buryat Gallery, Saint-Petersburg

A week ago, 18th December Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov Gallery in the historical center of St. Petersburg opened a new cultural space, an exhibition of modern Buryat art.This is a unique project which contains the works of famous contemporary artists of Buryatia: Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov, Dashi Namdakov and his family, Zorikto Dorzhiev and many other talented Buryat artists.

The author’s stone-carving and bronze sculptures of Sergey Falkin became part of a multi-faceted exhibition, and not by chance, because the small village Zaigraevo in Buryatia, near Lake Baikal is his small homeland. Siberian roots still nourish the master’s creativity, inspiring the creation of new monumental sculptures. One of the works of the exhibition is the “Cardiogram of Lake Baikal”, an anthropomorphic image of a man-fish, which reflects everything beautiful, powerful and eternal, laid down by nature.

Once again we would like to congratulate the gallery on the opening of an important and significant project and wish creative development and success!You can get acquainted with the contemporary art of Buryatia at the address: Pestel street, 17/25.