Material: agate.

Height: 71 mm.

Author: Vyacheslav Leontev.

Closed by composition, harmonious in its formation, the agate sculpture hides inside itself a feeling that can be as complete calm on the one hand, as a premonition of an impending wave on the other. The author imprinted in the stone the idea of the duality of the universe: as if yin and yang, calm and storm have their place inside one image.

The color transitions and lines of agate emphasize the plasticity found by the author: the relief image of a fish twisting into some kind of wave due to the pattern of the stone acquires dynamics. By using deep shades of agate – gray-purple, turning to blue, red and smoky, which emphasize the shape and volume and interact with the light, the sculptor creates a wave over the shell and the fish. Its plastical direction of movement overlaps this shell and comes back to the fish again, calming down and looping the composition. This is how the author demonstrates the unity of opposites and conveys the harmony of what is happening in the nature of the ocean.

Vyacheslav Leontev displays the specific features of the material to the maximum, giving them a smooth polish, then on the contrary creating additional touches of pattern or roughness, then leaving somewhere untreated natural texture of the material, that way the sculptor makes the light in the stone to vibrate, play with numerous shades and reveals to the viewer all the best that is hidden in a piece of agate.