Wood grouse

Material: rhodonite
Height: 150 mm

In early spring, as the sun rises, these “northern peacocks” fly down from the branches to the ground and walk in important postures, beginning their performance. Their necks are stretched out, their heads thrown back, their tails unfurled, and, as if in oblivion, they sing their unusual songs.

An extraordinary bird in appearance, color and behavior has long waited for its sculptural embodiment in the right stone, suitable to the author’s idea. In the shades of rhodonite “written” landscape of the spring forest: soft brownish-brown shades of the mass of bushes, that have not yet returned to their green, warm pink tones on the ground thawing and shadows of trees from the numerous graphic black veins. 

“A parable of self-expression” – this is how the sculptor describes the work, it reflects the phenomenon of the song of the grouse, which the bird itself, when singing, does not hear at all, as if it is more important to express itself than to be heard.