Watermelon eater

Material: bronze.

Height: 255 mm.

The bronze image of the watermelon lover, who has covered his eyes with impending pleasure, is resolved by Sergei Falkin with new expressive plastic relations. Inspired by the Latin American painters of the 20th century, he uses some of their typical techniques in sculpture, such as hypertrophied body parts and deliberately over-expressive facial expressions.

When you look at the sculpture from different points of view, it changes its storyline: from one angle the hero is still just enjoying the fresh smell of watermelon, from another – he is already reaching out to just about bite a piece of juicy summer fruit, and from the third – as if he is extending a slice of watermelon to the viewer.  

Working on the form, the author pursued the idea of comparison of volumes diverse in their plasticity. As if in cubistic composition, rounded face, sharp, angular, moon-shaped watermelon slice and massive, as if stone, pedestal are harmoniously united in one subject – they create contrast of lines and surfaces in the sculpture. This emphasizes a bright, emotional image and creates a direction for viewing the work from all possible angles.