Materials: nephrite.

Height: 370 mm.

Uligershin in traditional Buryat culture is a storyteller-songwriter. They are considered to be the keepers of the folk knowledge on history, ethnography and beliefs and the creators of artistic values in the sphere of art of speech.

In the past the storytellers carried a honorable mission of “the voice of the people”, developed aesthetic revelations, were bearers of moral precepts, and sometimes even helped to raise the spirits of hunters when they were invited to a clan settlement especially before an important wild animal hunt.

While conveying their knowledge, the Uligershin used the form of poetic and musical forms of tales, performing them recitative or singing to the accompaniment of the morin khuur.

Sergei Falkin, referring to the national image, chooses nephrite for its embodiment. A stone that captures the hues and colors of the landscapes of the Buryat steppes. The soft lines in the sculpture’s plasticity are as if in harmony with the storyteller’s folding singing. And the natural pattern of the stone emphasizes the movement inherent in the plastic – the captured moment, when the inspired Ulyagershin glorifies in his song the exploits of Geser.