The window to Europe

Materials: agate

Height: 125 mm

Length: 66 mm

Author: Aleksandr Shiryaev

A curious Kamchatka crab that loved St. Petersburg very much.

A misty pink and gray, like the winter sunsets of the northern capital, the crab peeks into the archway of a house. It looks as if it is diligently peering through St. Petersburg’s characteristic courtyards somewhere into the distance, in an attempt to peer through that very “window to Europe.”

The bodies of marine creatures are often covered in shellfish or algae, and the white rough spots of agate on the body of the crab convey the texture of some marine fauna attached to its shell. And in addition, with a light hand of the master, the exotic inhabitant of St. Petersburg in some places is also covered with granite of the city’s embankments and paved streets.

One stonecutter’s work, which possesses an expressive combination of several different textures at once, has combined two distant images in its story, giving birth to a new urban legend of St. Petersburg.