The Queen

Material: nephrite

Height: 169 mm

Remarkable in its composition animalistic work of Sergei Falkin is dedicated to the image, so ambiguous in cultures around the world. But, despite everything, the author manages to create an extremely tender image. Smooth transitions between light gray-green and ochre shades of nephrite, which vibrates in some places thanks to the finest craftsmanship work, give the image an extraordinarily fragile look. 

The author actively works with the line in this gemstone-carving work and uses it to create compositional integrity: the curve line of the tail on one side and the curve of the back on the other create looping, harmony and calmness in the composition. 

“The Rat -Queen” by Sergei Falkin appears to the viewer as a certain divine being, possessing a certain grace, wisdom and knowledge. After all, not without reason, for example, in China it is believed that those born in the year of the Rat are endowed with charm and attraction.