The Geologist

Materials: various types of jasper, moss agate, citrine, nephrite, serpentine, smalt, flint.

Height: 110 mm

And I’m going, and I’m going for the fog,

For dreams and the smell of taiga.

(Y. Kukin)

Romance of an explorer, obsessed with love to nature and to overcoming difficulties, who in wading boots and a windbreaker, necessarily with a hammer in his hands and a backpack on his shoulders, wanders into the wildest places, far away from civilization. Where the forest sounds, animals walk, and nature gives amazing sunrises and sunsets every day, geologists work hard to “glimpse” into the depths of the Earth.

A new stone-cutting work from the “Native to Childhood” series presents the image of a young geologist fascinated by the romance of the taiga, who has been taken on an expedition and into camp life not for the first time. The “son of the regiment” is ready to confront the forces of nature, because he knows that he can admire again and again the beauty of what emerges from the bowels of our planet. He considers and evaluates his, already polished, geological “booty” with significance. Or perhaps through a shimmering piece of citrine he looks at the world around him, refracting it into new forms. The stand, made of muted green jasper conveys the picturesqueness of the taiga, or moss, in which the boy’s feet sink after a hard day. And a little bird of moss agate appears as a symbol of union with nature, which can be achieved only in such places where geologists work, where almost never was a foot of man. 

The stone-cutting work takes the viewer back to that childhood feeling, when one could feel like a pioneer, a real traveller and explorer.