The dance of water and light. 

Material: agate

Diameter: 88 mm

Author: Vyacheslav Leontiev

Line, brightness, impetuosity. In the image found for the sculpture the author refers to the dynamics of the natural elements: as if a wave is born behind a light stroke of a fish’s tail, increases in speed and transforms into a whirlwind – a dance of water and wind. It is more than the extravaganza of the elements: just as in the expressive dance of flamenco, in which behind the sweep of a dancer’s red skirt hides a sizzling passion, behind the impending wave lies both the beauty and drama of nature. 
The author reveals and gives his idea to the exuberant properties of agate. The dialog with the material is felt in every tiny detail of the artwork: in the elegance of the compositional structure, in the interaction of individual lines within the overall form, in the texture, which the sculptor deliberately combines with polishing to reveal the vibration of light in the stone. The sculptor also used rare color features and the color transitions in the stone, which are often revealed in the process of work, to enhance the expressiveness of the image: shades of red and ochre, in some places almost transparent – as if water with sunlight breaking through it, deep violet-gray “ribbons” emphasize the plasticity of the fish, and flashes of red spots – like bright poppies on the dress of a dancer, or coral, which were drawn into the impending whirlwind – the dance of the ocean.
Vyacheslav Leontiev often refers in his work to the elemental expressions of nature, but sees them through his metaphorical reading, and that is how expressive and dramatic images are born, in which you can simultaneously see the dance of water and wind, the dance of stone and light.