The baboon

Material: bronze.

Height: 135 mm.

The monolithic image of the ancient animal is reflected in the bronze work of Sergey Falkin.  According to the sculptor, nature has created these monkeys in such a way that their human qualities are most clearly expressed. Even the fact that baboons are social animals is related to homo sapiens. And in his work the artist was looking for a plastic expression of these common features: physical and spiritual, animal and human.

In the appearance and expression of the baboon’s face we can consider a variety of feelings and emotions – from, as if dormant for centuries, aggression to compassion and wise thoughtfulness. Humanized in the sculpture, the baboon’s facial expression is formed by very laconic means, but, at the same time, this laconicity enlivens his gaze.

Sergey Falkin has created an expressive multidimensional plastic of the timeless image of the unity of the world around. In the image of the baboon, we see the “anima” – the soul of nature, which combines all the living creatures of the past, present and future.