Summer fisherman

Materials: indian chalcedony, moss agate, pink opal, different varieties of jasper, flint, smalt, enamel.

The metal can be made of the following combination of materials: nickel silver, brass, silvering, gilding, silver, gold.

Height: 148 mm.

“Summer came, and the wind was summer, the warm breath of the world, slow and lazy. You just have to get up, stick your head out the window, and immediately you realize: here it begins, real freedom and life, here it is, the first morning of summer.

(R. Bradbury)

Quietly, so as not to wake his grandmother with the creaking floorboards, the young hero of the sculpture sneaks to the exit and, accidentally slamming the door behind him, is rushed away with his redheaded friend to the lake. Early in the morning, free from school cares, he has already he had already run off to go fishing. Nature is still napping, and the boy and his tailed partner get into the reedy bushes and settle down with a fishing rod. With a slight smile, the fisherman gathers a bucketful of fish, and the cat “controls” to make sure none of them escapes.

The “Fisherman” stonecutter from the “When we werw kids” series takes us back to those days of life that were filled with the spirit of freedom, the taste of sweet raspberries, fishing, bicycling, and dandelions flying in the air. Man has never been more truly one with nature than when he was a child spending time in the countryside.

With amazing precision and picturesqueness the materials that were chosen for the sculpture convey textures and colors: a deep blue rough jean is carved from moss agate, rich shades of jasper express the color of a slightly muddy, overgrown with green and reeds lake shore, and the stripes on the back of the red cat are “drawn” by a natural pattern of flint.