St. Petersburg Vacations.

Materials: jasper, hornblende, porphyry, narsarsukite.

Height: 155 mm.

The new sculpture presents an unusual interpretation of the image of the ancient Egyptian goddess of pregnant women and motherhood – Taurt. She was respected as an assistant in childbirth, protector and guardian against evil forces. Most often she was represented as a female hippopotamus and had a menacing appearance intended to frighten away demons and other destructive beings.

But in the sculptural work created by the workshop, there is no trace of her intimidating appearance, because the formidable goddess has gone on vacation, radically changing her surroundings: even gods sometimes need rest! Taurt, with a slight smile, forgetting for a while about the demons, relaxed and important walks with a cane on the streets of St. Petersburg. Everything here is unusual for her: she marvels at the white nights and the architecture, so different from her native one, nods greetings to her ancient colleagues standing on the University embankment, and goes out to the heart of the city – to the Spit of Vasilievsky Island.

The plastics of the work refer to some features of ancient Egyptian sculpture: the stateliness and monumentality of the figure, the dark color of the stone from which Taurt is made, and the typical step forward with one leg – bring an element of historicity and antiquity to the image of the work. The variegated but monochrome granite of the embankments is conveyed in porphyry of a warm reddish hue, the color that the streets of St. Petersburg acquire on summer evenings at sunset.