“Dog” from the kinetic toys “Whirligigs” series

Material: obsidian

Diameter: 65 mm

Among the vast variety of compositions and subjects, there is a constantly adding series of images with a special author’s irony and directness of the observer. These are miniatures of animals that can be safely assigned the status of “toys”. Take it in your hands, look at it, notice all the smallest details and spin it like a top, so that the bright pattern of the stone will spin in a colorful whirlpool, playing out the childish fantasy of a seemingly large adult.
In this “dialogue”, the material suggests the development of the image, making the figures recognizable. Red hematite jasper with dark inclusions conveys the effect of stripes on the tiger’s fur. Obsidian resembles the texture of a monkey’s skin or the color of a dog’s coat due to unique natural pattern.