Materials: violan, lapis lazuli, cacholong, jasper, flint, calcite, turquoise, sapphire, fianites, silver, gold.

Height: 138 mm.

In a fabulously beautiful winter forest, full of sunlight, shimmering in millions of snowflakes, under heavy snow caps hanging from old firs, the young beauty Snegurochka, like a forest fairy, to whom the forest animals caress, circles among the trees. Quietly, but melodiously whistling snowfinches, whose red breasts flicker as bright flashes on the snowy blanket, surround her. The image of the winter heroine is closely associated with the spirits of nature, with their elemental beginnings, kindness and beauty.

The touching image of Snegurochka, tender and snow-white with a plait to the waist, is embodied in the workshop’s new work. This character is only found in Russian culture, and originates in folklore, was later adopted by Russian writers, and now we have the image of the fragile daughter of Grandfather Frost and Krasnaya Vesna.

Shimmering in many colors from ultramarine to light blue lapis lazuli, from which the Snegurochka’s coat is carved, is as if studded with snowflakes. Gold specks of it sparkle in the rays of the winter sun. Seen under the fur trim is the hem of a violan dress of a gentle blue color – the kind that snow becomes in the shade of the trees on a frosty day – as if recalling what the Snegurochka was born of. The base of the piece, made of translucent and shiny calcite that was deliberately left unworked by the artists, conveys the texture of the crisp underfoot surface of the snow.

The stone and its treatment in this sculpture not only imitate materials and natural colors, but also create a joyful state of winter nature.