Material: rutilated quartz.

Length: 162 mm.

“Life, placed inside the stone by nature”.

In his new stone-carving work, Sergey Falkin continues the traditional dialogue with the material. The sculpture “Snail” is made of a rare stone – rutilated quartz. It has an amazing internal structure and character, which somewhat subordinate the plasticity of the future work. The artist found a form that not only emphasized the uniqueness of the material, but also created a no less unique image together with it.

The image of snail is very metaphorical for the author: asymmetrical spiral forms of its shell symbolize eternity, infinity and motion. The fact that the shell is also its home and a place of solitude where no one can look, gives the snail an inaccessibility and mysteriousness.

In his author’s stone-carving work, Sergey Falkin gives us an opportunity to see what is hidden under the mysterious “shell” of this creature. And the viewer discovers how life, inner light, and the Universe arise inside it. When the angle of the work changes, the light is reflected in the inner “feathers” of the quartz and makes them shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow, and the next moment they completely disappear from view. It is as if inside this mysterious house, this amazing natural phenomenon, there is a hidden universe in which stars appear and disappear every second.