Elephant Pencil-Holder

Materials: Beloretsky quartzite, sapphires

Height: 120 mm

It is amazing how a unique work of art is born from rough stone. Carving, grinding and polishing a stone surface and you can see the smooth, radiant sculpture. And the cold brilliance of a silent stone turns into a warm flicker. Because the author has invested his soul and emotions in it.
The stone-carving sculpture “Elephant” is one example of how, through the prism of perception of the master, in combination with amazing natural material – taking into consideration its color, volume and texture, an artwork appeared, in addition, with applied value. The author’s characteristic recognizable plasticity is minimalistic with a keen attention to details, work with different textures: polished glossy surface of the wide ears of an elephant and matte with a fine mesh of wrinkles of a thick-skinned animal.