Seated woman with a cat

Material: agate

Height: 240 mm

A stone-carving sculpture “Seated woman with a cat” has an interesting history. An artistic search on the topic of bulls led to the ancient Greek myth “The abduction of Europe”. Over time ideas were transformed and moved away from the original way. Now we can’t understand who is an abductor: Zeus who looks like a bull or Europe. A bronze sculpture “The abduction of bull” depicts a woman with a small bull in her hands. And “Seated woman with a cat” is another ironic variation of this subject. An African woman with a long neck and massive body holds a cat. This sculpture is a kind of idyll where the main conception is hidden inside. The author’s idea is in the collision of different colors of the same stone – Brazilian agate, as a comparison of black-and-white and color photography where black-and-white is a phenomenon of the spirit, and color – physiology.