Shaman (Sunset)

Material: bronze.

Height: 165 mm.

According to Eastern wisdom: human is a part of the universe, his consciousness must strive to dissolve in the eternal and graceful nature.

Nature on the one hand is a space inhabited by spirits, on the other hand – a variety of sacred zones, places of communication of worlds, these can be both certain places of natural origin, and supernatural abilities, which shamans possess, for example.

In the new bronze work of Sergey Falkin the shaman has almost finished his shamanic ritual, he puts down his tambourine together with the sunset and says goodbye to the day with soft, hushed blows on the leather strapped to the ritual hoop. His ritual shamanic costume is made of animal skins, which should resemble an animal image and is decorated on the back with an animalistic image of a forest spirit, symbolizing either a totem animal or a patron animal belonging to the shaman.