Grey eyes snail

Material: agate

Height: 43 mm

Length: 70 mm

Author: Aleksandr Shiryaev

Stone carving artists of our workshop are experienced professionals with a unique signature and vision of the natural beauty of stone.
New work of Aleksandr Shiryaev immerses us in this world of amazing stories and fantasy characters. “Seroglazka (Grey eyes snail)” is a game with the image of a snail, a figment of the master’s imagination, where the desire to maximize the potential of the whole Chukchi agate allowed creating a unique image. Turn after turn, the snail shell twists into a double keratinized spiral. Quartz Druse – a drop of frozen dew on which the snail slowly creeps. In this work, it is worth considering every centimeter, twisting, turning and finding unexpected author’s solutions.