Sea integral

Material: bronze.

Height: 200 mm.

In the humming silence of the depths, the mysterious “Sea Integral” either lies on the seabed or moves leisurely along it. A thoughtful underwater creature, which appeared in the process of searching and sculptor’s work with the form. Beginning the image with a single expressive curve, Sergei Falkin created the smooth and streamlined plasticity that marine animals have: moving smoothly, as if in weightlessness, in the water depth.

The dark patina with emerald glimpses on the smooth, almost slippery bronze, conveys the uneven surface of the mysterious fish’s skin, and creates the effect of the sunlight playing on it, which, refracted in the sea water, acquires many shades.

“Sea Integral” represents the thoughtfulness of searching for the right path that every living creature takes in its life. This path is uneven and difficult, like a mathematical problem, for there are no roads or directional signs under the water. And the only thing that guides earthly creatures is their own intuition, which is embedded in them by the Universe.