Rose 2022

Materials: belorechensk quartzite, jade, jasper, quartz.

Metal can be made of the following combination of materials: nickel silver, brass, silvering, gilding, silver, gold.

Height: 330 mm.

One of the most popular, vibrant and contradictory flowers. Rose means purity and completeness, time and eternity, heavenly perfection and earthly passion, but also the mystery of life, its midpoint, the unknown, beauty and happiness.

In the West, the rose takes the place of the oriental lotus in its symbolic meaning. It is an immaculate, exemplary flower, a symbol of the heart, the center of the universe, the cosmic wheel, as well as divine, romantic and sensual love. “To cover the way with roses” meant to remove all obstacles, to make the road easy and trouble-free.

The tea rose, which was created by the stonecutters of the Workshop of Sergey Falkin, symbolizes constancy, and for its amazing fragrance perfumers consider it a symbol of romance, femininity and beauty.

Laconic artistic solution of the work is based on the soft beige and yellow natural transitions of Belorechensk quartzite, which convey the delicate color of the tea rose petals, and on the finest elaboration of the texture of the petals by the masters, which creates velvety and light trembling of light in the stone.