Cockerel from the “Chinese zodiac” series

Materials: moss agate, Jambul chalcedony, haematite, smoky quartz

Height: 135 mm

Length: 210 mm

A conventional and general form of the cockerel was complemented by a comb from Jambul chalcedony. It’s a surprisingly filigree work: a light and almost weightless, voluminous crest with smooth color transitions from light to dusty pink with tiny barely noticeable to the eye inclusions. The author’s rotation element creates the dynamic of a seemingly static sculpture, and at the same time allows you to look at the smallest details and pattern of the stone.
Special attention should be paid to obsidian eyes with naturalistic optical effect of the bird’s eyes.
“Cockerel” of the series “Chinese zodiac” is one of animals’ images in stone and bronze presented in simple and minimalistic plasticity, but expressive and easily recognizable.