Originally from savannah

Material: bronze.

Height: 170 mm.

Sergei Falkin’s new work continues the series of images of primates. The artist studies and seeks in the portraits of these ancient animals vividly expressed human characteristics that bring them closer to homo sapiens.

In the new sculpture, the baboon has a more realistic interpretation of the image. In this work, the savannah inhabitant not only has a humanized facial expression, now the author gives him a thoughtful, slightly melancholic look, behind which, perhaps, lies centuries of knowledge. It is not without reason that in ancient Egypt baboons symbolized wisdom and were associated with certain gods. 

The artist in this bronze work creates a dialogue between sculpture, material and the vivid plasticity of the monkey. Sergey Falkin searches for forms that can be embodied both in bronze and in a suitable pellet of stone. And in the process of this search in his animalistic subjects he continues to create expressive timeless images of the unity of the surrounding world.