Materials: different sorts of jasper, moss agate, serpentinite, flint, smalt, enamel

Height: 140 mm

When we were kids, we tried new things with excitement, fell down and shook ourselves off and ran on. Everything was new and very interesting. And pranks and jokes are kind with mischievous smiles.
Stone-carving composition “Hunter” is one of the young explorers from the series “When we were kids”. It’s a kind of sketch in an autumn forest with pleasant chirping birds, a rustling bright “carpet” of leaves and puddles covered with the first thin ice. The hunter and his loyal friend slowly creep along, threading carefully, only not to disturb the nervous animal. I would like to see it with one eye… They are not trophy hunters but experience seekers. A father’s bandolier and a toy gun like the real one, will make the game unforgettable.