Materials: irnimite, carnelian.

Length: 78 mm.

The octopus is one of the most mysterious creatures of the depths of the sea, surrounded by hundreds of myths and legends. It was blamed for the destruction of ships, and suction cups on the snake-like tentacles caused terrible fantasies. However, the symbolism of the octopus often has quite the opposite meaning – it is a talisman for travelers, wanderers and scientists, embodies the center of the universe and the beginning of creation.

The workshop’s new sculpture, “Octopus”, is made of rare irnimite stone, the blue veins of which are like the blue blood of a mollusk running through the tentacles and shining through the skin. The sea creature is depicted as a mighty and thoughtful creature quietly resting on the ocean bottom, gazing up through the water mass into the Universe with its deep carnelian gaze.