Memories of Venice.

Materials: bronze.

Height: 297 mm.

In Sergei Falkin’s new bronze work, a stranger in patina of the color of Venetian canals looks up thoughtfully or enigmatically.

The atmosphere of mystery and understatement in the sculpture is achieved thanks to the author’s very laconic plastics. In the large generalized form, the master makes an emphasis on only two elements – on the curve of the hat and a small vertical slit, created by the sleeves, in which something is hidden, and from where one can see either a sack or a drop. These compositional accents create a smooth movement for the eye across the sculpture and soften the large vertical mass of the figure. 

The long, down to the ground, cloak concealing clothes and any other identifying marks, the stylized Italian tricorne, the hidden hands, the absence of details in the image – all this gives the sculptural work an extraordinary mystery. As if this man in the deepest silence, in which you can barely hear the rustle of his clothes and his steps, is gliding through the labyrinth of Venetian lanes and shallow canals in someone’s old forgotten dream.