“Mallow” casket

Materials: belorechensk quartzite, jade, lazurite, different varieties of jasper, brass, gilding.

Length: 190 mm

Height: 62 mm

Width: 100 mm

It drizzles without end.
Only the mallows shine as if
The day is cloudless above them.

The delicate flower of the mallow has brought forth many legends about itself in many countries from west to ost. It is a symbol of sun and beauty, endless hope and vitality, the flower of wives and brides. It is said that the first, who became convinced of the beauty of the mallow, were the inhabitants of ancient Japan. Once they presented to their heavenly protectors a bouquet of these flowers, and the gods were so touched by the beauty of the plant that they promised people their intercession.

The casket is made in the technique of Florentine mosaic passing into a voluminous mosaic. The flower of mallow in its transparent pink and beige shades of Belorechensk quartzite materializes from the flat cover of the casket as a magical herald of clear serene days. The Florentine mosaic of multiple shades of different varieties of jasper further emphasizes the contrast of three-dimensional petals of the mallow and the flat image of the leaves.