Poppy 2019

Materials: Jambul chalcedony, jasper, nephrite, quartz (It can be used cupronickel, gilding)

Height: 150 mm

The poppy is an extraordinarily beautiful and bright flower, with a great variety of colors and species. Perhaps because of this, as well as its rich symbolism, their images are so often referred to by artists and sculptors.

The symbolism of this plant turns out to be amazingly diverse and lyrical in different countries and at different times. In ancient Greece, it was considered a symbol of the god of sleep, but, in addition, it was also a symbol of the goddess of fertility. For the Egyptians, the poppy served as a symbol of female beauty, youth, and charm. In China it was associated with beauty, success, rest and detachment from vanity. Buddhists believed the poppy blossomed after the lashes of the sleeping Buddha touched the ground. 

In the workshop’s stone-carving artwork, the poppy petals are delicate, terry-like to the touch, made of chalcedony. The semitransparent structure of this stone, highlighted by fine carving, conveys the silkiness and lightness of the petals, as if blown by a light summer breeze.