Looking at the sky

Material: bronze

Height: 226 mm.

Heaven is not a place or a time.

Heaven is the achievement of perfection.

Richard Bach.

The hero of Sergey Falkin’s new bronze sculpture with his head tilted back, squinting slightly, as if waiting, looks up into the sky.

The work is the result of the author’s search for plastic solutions. The lower part of the sculpture looks as if it is made of roughly shaped stone. And on the contrary, soft smooth lines sculpted and polished face. Such a contrast of textures and images creates the balance of the composition and at the same time gives a certain transcendence to the image of the sculpture.

The master was looking for ways, thinking about which approaches to choose for the surface of the future sculpture in the direction of the stone. As a result, numerous metaphors were born out of the formal search: as if from the rock grows the mythoepic image of a shaman, who is one with nature and refers to the ancestors. On the other hand, the sculpture reveals a lyrical portrait of a meditative man, looking into the high heavens, having a quiet conversation with the universe: with curiosity, in brooding, or asking questions.