Materials: different sorts of jasper, lazurite, obsidian, smalt, flint, quartz, enamel (It can be used cupronickel, gilding)

Height: 145 mm

Sometimes in our dreams we return in childhood forgetting about worries and problems. Indeed, in childhood you live in the present full of happiness and joy not thinking about the future. And this moment of genuine “great” happiness and delight when the heart sinks from pleasant excitement and overwhelming emotions was created by stone-carvers and jewelers of our workshop in the form of a little man.
He ran out to look at the sky where a picturesque flickering “curtain” of northern lights spread drawing in the imagination fantasy world scenes. Spreading his arm like bird’s wings he is ready to go on an exciting journey.
The painstaking work and special attention to details tell us the amazing and inspiring story of the young polar pilot of the series “When we were kids”.