Little lama

Materials: nephrite

Height: 175 mm.

“Little Lama” is a new stone carving sculpture by Sergey Falkin. In Buddhism, “lama” is a respectful way to refer to a monk, it emphasizes the level of spiritual perfection and mastery. The sculpture created the image of a young, wise beyond his years Buddhist priest. His gaze, a little detached, is directed somewhere inside himself, as if he had just opened his eyes from deep meditation, but has not yet returned to this world completely.

In searching for the plasticity of the future sculpture, the author was guided by the shape of hats of Buddhist monks – he was looking for ways to fit it into the pattern of the stone. These high hats with a crest at the back of the head and resembling the head and neck of a horse with a trimmed mane are worn by ordinary llamas. Such hats are always only yellow or various shades of yellow up to brick color. Sergey Falkin, in his work, has played with this multicolorism by using the natural color and the gradient laid in a piece of nephrite. The pattern of the stone echoes the curve line of the cap and thus fits harmoniously into the image of a lama wearing a traditional Buddhist headdress.