Materials: different sorts of jasper, smalt, hantigirite, enamel, pearls (It can be used cupronickel, gilding)

Height: 140 mm

What boy hasn’t played Indian games as a child: for many generations there was something fun, desperate and mysterious about these games. The halo of romance, the spirit of adventure, the call of the ancestors and the feeling of freedom – that’s what every child felt while sticking a feather behind his ear and, armed with a bow from a twig, and running to war with the “white conquerors,” imagining himself an unruly, noble, agile and brave member of a proud tribe.

“The Indian,” from the “When we were kids” series, immerses us in the world of westerns, stories from the world of Fenimore Cooper and Mayne Reid, brings us back to a slightly naive, effortless and romantic perception of the world.
Looking at the dynamics in the movements of this work, we can start wonder what its hero might be doing: is he sneaking across the steppe behind the British colonizers lines, or coming out of the river, which he has just forded and he is going to hunt? Multicolorable structure of the hantigirite gemstone used for the base of the figure gives us the opportunity to fantasize about the indian’s nature surroundings, and different colors of several varieties of jasper conveys different material , for example – leather or feather.