Materials: bronze. 

Height: 203 mm.

The rocking horse, in which every child could feel like a brave rider and dream about heroic adventures, appears in the sculpture as an allegory of childhood dreams, which a person carries through his entire life. Time has passed, the brave rider has grown up, but he has remained on the toy rocking horse. Sergey Falkin’s new bronze work embodies the image of grown-up child who still dreams of being a warrior and with his head thrown back into the sky he seems to return to his sincere fantasies of youth hoping to find the way to their realization. The attributes of childhood depicted in the sculpture – a horse and a ball in the hand of the hero – are like a string in time, linking the adult and the child, in whose world and imagination there are no limits.

The massive figure of the rider and the small head of the horse create an active contrast, reflecting this contradiction of time and age, a child’s dream and adult reality. The deliberately enlarged sculptural volumes are accompanied by a proportionally reduced detail, brutality exists together with fragility – in this way the sculpture conveys the duality of being: as if the hero is at the same time a real rider, but at the same time not, a child and an adult, a real man and a fictional hero in his fantasies.