Freudian pomegranate

Materials: jasper, smalt.

Height: 125 mm.

The image of the pomegranate has rich symbolism and history: for example, according to Greek legend, the first pomegranate tree was planted by the goddess Aphrodite, and the golden pomegranate on the island of Cyprus became a symbol of love and bonds. The Phoenicians believed the pomegranate fruit was an attribute of the sun god, a symbol of life. In ancient Greek tradition the pomegranate fruit was a symbol of fertility, prosperity and matrimony.

The author’s stone-carved sculpture “Pomegranate” (from the series “Botany by Mr. Freud”) remains in the context of these meanings. But, at the same time, the deep tranquil shade of red jasper with an intricate pattern carries a feeling of tranquil, thick southern summer air. The red smalt that represents the grains visible in the slightly cracked fruit depending on the lighting burns bright scarlet flashes or is muted in the shade, which creates the effect of the naturalness and juiciness of the pomegranate grains.