Exercise №5. Etude on a bird motif

Material: zarinite

Length: 250 mm

Creation, embodiment of the cosmic spirit, divine manifestation, universal soul – all these are numerous hypostases of the image of the bird in various cultures. Sergei Falkin’s plastic searches, which often lead to bird images, seem to unite all these symbolic meanings in his new work. The gemstone zarinite, from which thе sculpture is made, has such a rich color tone that in it one can really catch the echoes of the universal soul, embedded in nature, preserved there for millions of years, and uncovered by the sculptor. 

 With this work the author expands the gallery of stones he uses in his work. Complicated zarinite, which has not been used before to create sculptural works, has a very motley, but at the same time harmonious color gamut with an unexpected combination of inclusions. And Sergey Falkin tries to bring this amazing surface of the stone to the viewer. Blue oceans, flecks of blue lakes and red dry deserts, green veins of rivers, whitish Arctic ice – isn’t this the soul of nature! In places gently polishing the surface of the stone, in places leaving the natural uneven surface of the material, the artist allows the stone to speak. And in this dialogue Sergey Falkin reaches a form that embodies a plastic stylized image of a bird as an allegory of freedom, omnipresence and universal spirit.