Egyptian motifs. Africa.

Material: jasper.

Height: 220 mm.

Length: 390 mm.

In the author’s stone carving sculpture “Egyptian Motives. Africa” Sergey Falkin creates a universal metaphor of Egypt. Using and combining the expressive symbols of the bright African region – numerous ancient pyramids looking out from behind each other, camels in the color of dunes walking around them – the sculptor assembles a new unique image of the keepers of the secrets of the pyramids and deserts.

The natural pattern of Aushkul jasper makes this work surprisingly picturesque: a desert landscape painted in stone stretches along the entire perimeter of the sculpture. This landscape has a characteristic coloring of all the shades of sand from dark brown to yellowish red, with barchans and dunes going into perspective, and with few plants and shrubs that can be found among the sands.

Despite the seemingly static nature of the work, the smooth lines, slightly rounded large surfaces and raised lower edges of the “pyramids” evoke an association with a ship floating among the sultry, waterless sands. This plastic softness of lines reflects one of the camel’s beautiful historical epithets, the “ship of the desert”.

The sculpture is literally created in a dialogue with the material and with nature: Sergey Falkin uses the unique properties of Aushkul jasper to emphasize the imagery of his metaphor, and vice versa – the plasticity found by the author emphasizes the unusual texture, laid down by nature in the stone.