Material: flint

Height: 240 mm

The cello surprises and fascinates with its melodious, rich sound. When these instruments form a duet, the air is filled with a deep, vibrating sound, ranging from lingering and dense to choppy and rhythmic.

In his work, Sergey Falkin seeks a interpretation of this musical soulful consonance of the two instruments through the harmony of sculptural plasticity and material. Numerous calm and restrained colors, embedded in the flint by nature, nevertheless possess a large coloristic range from dark, woody reds to barely perceptible sandy, passing into shades of pink fog. The absence of sharp contrasts, both in the sculptural composition and in the properties of the stone itself, conveys that deep and lingering sound of the cello. 

This musical pair, wrapped in ribbons of flint pattern, united as a one whole by the author’s complex composition, forms a harmonious union, in which the coloristic sound of one instrument passes into the sound of the other, and the plastic line pattern gives the entire sculpture movement in space to the sounds of the imaginary duet of the cellos.