Material: bronze.

Height: 170 mm.

O heaven, let me be beautiful,
To the ground descending from the heights,
Both radiant and impassive,
And comprehensive, like you.
(D. Merezhkovsky)


The hero of the bronze artwork, holding a bird in his hand, is surprised and even a little bewildered, but at the same time fascinated to look upwards: into such an inaccessible space for man, and so accessible for the bird, which for some reason does not fly away from the palm of his hand. 


The sculpture is pervaded by dialogues: it is a silent conversation between a man and a bird, and the internal dialogue of the bronze hero, and an offer to the viewer to be mesmerized and also feel something by looking up. These are dialogues about the possible and the impossible, about friendship and fidelity, about the impassivity and infinity of the sky. 


The appeal to the sky, to height often appears in Sergei Falkin’s work as a kind of dialog with the cosmos, the universe, an appeal to it for answers, which he later reflects in his sculpture work.