Materials: jade, belorechensk quartzite, lapis lazuli, turquoise, jasper.

Metal can be made of the following combination of materials: nickel silver, brass, silvering, gilding, silver, gold.

Height: 346 mm.

A sophisticated, finely and detailed work of composition “Cotton” evokes associations with the ancient cities of Uzbekistan in the imagination. Tints of lazurite and turquoise in the vase, gold like sand in the hot sunlight, color in the veins of stone and some details of the work, mosaic, made in the form of an arch of one of the old buildings in Samarkand – all this brings us in the mind to the sunny land of Central Asia.

Carved from jade, open capsules of soft, almost airy cotton symbolize for the region its main treasure. In the countries where it is cultivated, cotton is often called “white gold”; it is considered a symbol of wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

The work fascinates with the combination of bright and quiet colors, the contrast that is created between the weightless cotton and the vase, which resembles an ancient architectural structure, the skill of cutting, which makes each petal seem to shine through and slightly burn from the inside.