Material: bronze.

Height: 275 mm.

No one ever lives life to its fullest, 

except the matadors. 

(E. Hemingway) 

Hot Andalusia, noisy arena with exclamations of expectation, stately Spanish matador coming out on the hot sand, muleta, frozen in a sharp temperamental sweep, in a dynamic tug a fighting bull is frozen. The traditional Spanish spectacle, performance, ritual, which has become a cultural symbol of the country, is represented in the bronze work of Sergey Falkin. 

The author forms the sculpture with laconic “strokes” that create the very plastique shape of the images and few details, such as the traditional costume of the matador. However, in contrast to this laconism, the work is also shaped by numerous lines and planes that not only create volumes, but also the space of air between them. And Sergey Falkin creates sculpture by playing with this space, using it to emphasize movement and its direction, to express or conceal expression in the images. In the frozen materiality of the images, the sculptor creates a development of the subject as the angle of view shifts.