Centrifugal Force Snail

Material: aventurine

Length: 440 mm

 The beloved playing with form with the image of the snail again finds a new embodiment in the author’s stone-cutting plastics. Each work dedicated to this image has certain creative tasks for the sculptor. Thus, when working with aventurine, Sergei Falkin initially started from the stone itself, which set him certain boundaries within which he placed his plastic idea. 

Working not only with the sculpture, but also with the space around it, the artist shows the found form only when viewed from all possible angles. The snail, enlarged several times, is large and slow at first glance, but it is given acceleration by the plastics from a different angle of view, and this movement is further emphasized by the picturesque pattern of the stone. These irregular, as if blurred watercolor, brownish natural spots in the stone, located at an incline and in an unexpected rhythm emphasize the plastic movement.

Easy to polish, aventurine has an almost glassy sheen, reflecting both the glare of the sculpture’s complicated form and the stone’s natural golden shimmer in multiple ways.