Cello (Sign).

Materials: bronze, Italian marble “Verde

Height: 300 mm

Sculpture, like music, evokes in us the feelings with which the authors filled their works – their “singing” line and direction of volumes create a certain “musical” rhythm. 

The very theme of the presence of musical instruments in art was a vivid symbol of the transience and ephemerality of life. Images of young girls with the cello are often found in paintings, which is not surprising: the curves and lines of the female figure are in harmony with the artistic lines of the instrument, just as the elusive harmony of the sounding music is in harmony with the elusive beauty of a woman. 

In the bronze work by Sergey Falkin the image of the cello also seems to slip away: just one asymmetrical soft line draws the plastique image of the musical instrument, and this line is moving, like a surrealistic object. In the next moment it can flow into a treble clef, an empty music stave, or perhaps into the image of another instrument.

The allegory of the changing or fading beauty of the world is contained in the form of the author’s bronze sculpture. But at the same time, the directions and volumes of the sculpture’s lines give it an elevated, rich, deep, penetrating “sound” typical of the cello.