Materials: cacholong, rodusit, lazurite, flint, jasper, smalt (It can be used cupronickel, gilding)

Height: 165 mm

What a boy as a child, with the came of spring and warmth, didn’t drop all his lessons and didn’t run to launch boats on the first puddles? Who didn’t make his little frigate out of pine bark to send it on the water? Imagining himself as a great captain, who is about to dock his ship to uncharted shores, or who fights the formidable ocean, fearlessly standing at the helm.

Polychrome work “Captain” returns us to childhood dreams of the most mysterious and romantically flavored profession.
The base, where the young hero stands, and the helm are made of jasper. And with its various shades of ochre and red and the unique pattern of stone jasper conveys the texture of wood. The effect of sea salt settled on the clothes, as if because of a long trip, is created by the dark and light veins of rhodusite, of which the hero’s pants are carved.

The young captain’s movements and gaze are directed into the distance – because he knows for sure that he deserves expanses and freedom!