Buryatian snail

Materials: milky quartz

Length: 117 mm

Height: 43 mm

An intricate stone-carved plastic, which on the one hand reminds of a snail with a twisted shell spiral, and, on the other hand, shows the motif of ram’s horns. The spiral as a symbol of time and space, the horns as an attribute of some kings of heaven and gods of destiny, all united in a single piece of milk quartz, create a new mythical creature or phenomenon.

The material of which the artwork is made, with its milky-transparent gradients, inspired the creator to form search . The numerous sparkles and shadows created by the amount of facets and surfaces the sculptor found in the stone, emphasized the quartz’s transparency and mystery, as well as the depth of the author’s image itself. When one observes the work from different angles, it turns out to be so changeable, as if a Milky way is forming there inside, from which Creation begins to unfold.