Materials: fossilized wood, metal

Height: 1230 mm

A new direction in Sergey Falkin’s oeuvre was the creation of sculptures in large solid material. In some images, the master tried to reflect the unique culture of the Trans-Baikal Territory, revealing the essence and meaning of these places.
“Burkhan” – like many other works will be presented at the exhibition “The Starting point” for the first time. Mythopoetic image of the guardian of the area from a petrified tree brought from the island of Madagascar. Everything in it is related to time: on the one hand, the image is a well-known and revered spirit from ancient times, on the other, a tree trunk that nature and time have carefully preserved, turning into a solid stone. Small geodes formed in the veins and cavities, shimmering in the light. The features of a well-chosen material have become an expressive artistic means, in which the author’s idea is emphasized by details. He appears as the face of an old man-wise and all-seeing, in the stump of a centuries-old relict tree.